Privacy Policy

WeKind respect and understand how important privacy is to you, that is why we are 100% committed to protecting your security. 

For all WeKind services, the data controller — the company that’s responsible for protecting your privacy— is WeKind Limited. We will never share your information with third parties, nor send you our own promotional e-mails without your consent. Every promotional email that you receive from us will allow you to immediately unsubscribe from receiving further email promotions, if you should wish to do so. 

If you would prefer that we do not collect any personally identifiable information from you, please do not provide us with any such information. You are free to input as much personal information as you are comfortable with; however, please note that it is necessary to provide certain types of personal information* (*e.g. name and address) to complete a purchase on this site.

Below is a list of the data we collect and why:

Your personal details, such as your name, date of birth, gender, address, email address, social media handle, screen name and phone number.

WeKind use this information to identify you and provide a personalised service when you visit our website or contact us. We may send you account/service updates, such as updates to our Terms and Conditions and order confirmations; and of course we require your address to ensure your purchase gets to you safely. 

Your payment information


WeKind take great care in ensuring your banking details are safe and implement various security measures in accordance with industry standards to protect your security. We require these details to take payments and issue refunds and keep a record of any financial transactions with you - which we are legally obligated to do!


Information about your phone or laptop, and how you use our website and app

We will safely store Information collected when you browse our site or use our app, including your IP address and device type, how you use our website and app (such as the pages you visit and the products you look at) and, if you choose to share it with us, your location data. We do this to monitor visitors to our site and analyse their behaviour, thus protecting our website and improving the service we provide you.

Your contact history with us

We will keep a record of any correspondence via email, social media, or private message. If you contact us by phone we record calls to our customer care centre, too. This is done to provide the best possible customer service support as possible.

All information will be stored safely in London, UK.


This privacy policy was updated on 13th June 2020.