Our Story

Our journey began shortly after the birth of my first child Nico.

During my pregnancy I longed for reassurance that my very specific needs, as a pregnant women, were being considered by the products I put on my hair and body. 

I searched for haircare that was not only gentle, but pure and safe for my baby.  I never found such products, so I immersed myself in the world of essential oils, gentle plant actives and essences, making note of the most nurturing for hair, and after over three years of research, our brand was born.

We began providing first of its kind haircare that considered the needs of women during pregnancy and postpartum, and  our Woman-Kind community grew. 

As we developed, we realised that although pregnant women need and deserve special consideration, kindness shouldn't be reserved for just these life stages.

All women at every stage of life deserve products which are WomanKind: Luxuriant in their purity and lovingly-made.  We all deserve to be nurtured, whether we're mothers, journeying through menopause or simply want our body and minds nourished by visibly-effective ingredients and luxurious scents that will lift our mood. 

​ As the brand grew wonderfully, we evolved into WeKind; I consulted with leading Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Miss Claire Mellon MBCHB MRCOG CCST, to formulate a scientifically sound range of (peri)menopausal and prescriptives products which bring peace of mind to every stage of womanhood. 

​ As a trained hairdresser the subject of healthy hair -and how to achieve it- is never far from my mind. I have over 15 years’ worth of hairdressing experience at the Nicky Clarke Mayfair salon and have loved hair care for as long as I can remember. It was my passion and professional knowledge that led me seek out an effective solution to my pregnancy haircare problems, and it is my ever-evolving experience of womanhood that has led me to expand WeKind into a more inclusive, Woman-Kind range for hair, body and soul. 

My intention has always been to give women the kindness they deserve, and I believe I’ve succeeded in my goal. I hope when you bring WeKind into your home it leaves you feeling pampered and protected, just as I intended. ​

Kelly Simpkin-Clarke – Mother & Founder of WeKind