Our Values

 Womanhood is precious. This is why we're committed to nurturing you during

the most memorable times in your life by bringing you the purest, kindest care

we can – care that is WomanKind. 

We believe that any product used during your intimate rituals should be

indulgent, effective and absolutely safe to use. This is why every herb,

botanical and essential oil found within the WeKind range has been

handpicked by our experts to cleanse, soothe, protect and nourish your 

hair, body and mind throughout every stage of your life.

WeKind healthy hair

WeKind use the highest possible percentage of natural ingredients as they

are kinder to Mother Earth and to you and to your baby’s precious hair

and skin. We have also consulted leading medical professionals to

formulate the safest possible products for your body. 

Our blend of natural, authentic ingredients combines effectiveness with

sensitivity to offer you hair & body care that are delicate yet robust enough

to achieve the specific results you need at the time.

We believe that you should be soothed and shielded throughout your journey

through womanhood. That is why we will never include unkind elements such as

Mineral oil, Parabens, Phthalates, Sulphates and Silicone.